The Carhartt Vineyard

Detroit, Michigan. 1889. Hamilton Carhartt creates iconic overalls for railroad workers as they race across the prairies and valleys of America. Jump on a train to 2018. Out west, at Rancho Santa Ynez, California, Ham’s entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in his great grandson Mike Carhartt, who set out with his wife Brooke to farm the land and and make wine. They founded Carhartt Vineyard in 1996. With their son Chase, the Carhartt Family wake every day and put on their Carhartts to work the land in the quest for the perfect grape. 




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Executive Producer:

Brian Bennett

Featuring The Carhartt Family

Mike Carhartt

Head Wine-Grape Grower

When Mike’s father, Jack Carhartt, bought Rancho Santa Ynez in the early 50’s, Mike was a young child. Mike was born in Pasadena, Ca., but after coming up to the ranch several times with his dad on weekends, he decided one day that he would not make the trip back down south. He was in turn “raised” by the ranch hands on the property, who filled his youth with hard lessons in farming and cowboying. From pulling a disk plow, to saddling up his buckskin horse, to driving big rig truck and trailers, Mike grew up doing what he loved. He continues to do so today by farming grapes and working his own land, or “living the dream” as he likes to say. The 2016 harvest marked Mike and Carhartt Vineyards 20th year in the grape-growing business.

Brooke Carhartt


Brooke was born in Pasadena, Ca., and after high school, attended the University of California San Diego and Santa Barbara, followed by completing a Masters Degree in Psychology from Chapman University. She has no formal education in winemaking, but rather received her training from veteran winemaker friends, hard work, and personal study. She is a self-made winemaker, and the creator of Carhartt Vineyard’s signature style. Alongside her husband Mike, she crafted their first vintage in the fall of 1998, one barrel each of Merlot and Syrah. The 2018 vintage will mark her 20th year in the winemaking business.


Chase Carhartt


Chase was born and raised in the Santa Ynez Valley. He grew up on Rancho Santa Ynez as the third generation in a family farming operation. After high school, he attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he received a Bachelors Degree in Enology (Winemaking). For the last eight years, Chase has traveled the world making wine in different countries, pursuing fresh ideas and methods for the growth of the Carhartt Vineyard brand. In 2013, he stepped in as co-winemaker with his mom, Brooke. In the Spring of 2016, he released a second label for Carhartt Vineyard, “Carhartt Venture,” reflecting his experiences and innovations from traveling the globe.


Rancho Santa Ynez, Family owned and operated since the early 1950s.

Located in the beautiful and rugged hills north of Santa Barbara, California, Mike Carhartt grew up raising cattle and horses on the historic family ranch. Years later, he and his wife Brooke planted a vineyard along with a dream. Today, with their son Chase, the Carhartts grow grapes and craft wines on that same patch of ground. The principles that guided their great grandfather, Hamilton Carhartt 125 years ago, are still alive and strong in their ground to glass approach to winemaking.

Our Favorites

The Story Behind Carhartt Hand Made Films

Three years ago, actor-director Jason Momoa relentlessly banged his barrel fists on the doors of Carhartt’s Creative Director Brian Bennett. Bennett finally agreed to meet with Momoa to hear his idea, but since he thought the big dude sounded a little nuts, he dragged his producer Chris Robinson along for some ‘backup.’

They all met at a bar in Detroit called Two James. After trying a fresh batch of absinthe and several whiskeys, some high-fives and head-butts, they quickly formed a brother-like bond, thanks to their blue-collar roots and love of the underdog. An agreement was made on a soggy cocktail napkin that was lost that night. A handshake later, Bennett and Robinson agreed to work with Jason and his production company, Pride of Gypsies, to help bring Jason’s story to life.

Several years, beers and adventures later, a short but mighty film was born. A film we love so much at Carhartt, we’ve decided to make more like it. So we formed a Production Company called Carhartt Hand Made Films.

The mission of Carhartt Hand Made Films is simple.

Discover people who live the Carhartt way of life. Help tell their story with artfulness and craftsmanship in hopes of inspiring others along the way.

Jason Momoa’s story of fatherhood, craftsmanship, and the legacy he’ll leave behind.
Pro angler Mark Zona talks about the first time he went fishing with his dad and how it changed his life.
Two brothers from Georgia connect with their grandfather by making custom furniture from reclaimed barn wood, just as he once did.