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Google Reviews

Carhartt Vineyard 5 Star Review Logo

Harold Anderson

“…A must stop every time I’m in town….”

Carhartt Vineyard 5 Star Review Logo

Greg King

“…Great wines, knowledgeable staff, fun place to hang out with friends….”

Carhartt Vineyard 5 Star Review Logo

Anna Arrowsmith

“…Lovely people, a mini community right there. Very welcoming….”


Yelp Reviews

Carhartt Vineyard 5 Star Review Logo

Groovey G.

“Carhartt wines are clearly some of the best in the area…”

Carhartt Vineyard 5 Star Review Logo

Issy M.

“Easily, one of the best Sauvignon Blanc I’ve ever had!”

Carhartt Vineyard 5 Star Review Logo

Mohib Q.

“Carhartt is easily my favorite unassuming tasting room in Los Olivos…”

The Story Behind Carhartt Hand Made Films

Three years ago, actor-director Jason Momoa relentlessly banged his barrel fists on the doors of Carhartt’s Creative Director Brian Bennett. Bennett finally agreed to meet with Momoa to hear his idea, but since he thought the big dude sounded a little nuts, he dragged his producer Chris Robinson along for some ‘backup.’

They all met at a bar in Detroit called Two James. After trying a fresh batch of absinthe and several whiskeys, some high-fives and head-butts, they quickly formed a brother-like bond, thanks to their blue-collar roots and love of the underdog. An agreement was made on a soggy cocktail napkin that was lost that night. A handshake later, Bennett and Robinson agreed to work with Jason and his production company, Pride of Gypsies, to help bring Jason’s story to life.

Several years, beers and adventures later, a short but mighty film was born. A film we love so much at Carhartt, we’ve decided to make more like it. So we formed a Production Company called Carhartt Hand Made Films.

The mission of Carhartt Hand Made Films is simple.

Discover people who live the Carhartt way of life. Help tell their story with artfulness and craftsmanship in hopes of inspiring others along the way.

Jason Momoa’s story of fatherhood, craftsmanship, and the legacy he’ll leave behind.
Pro angler Mark Zona talks about the first time he went fishing with his dad and how it changed his life.
Two brothers from Georgia connect with their grandfather by making custom furniture from reclaimed barn wood, just as he once did.