2015 Cabernet Franc


ABV: 13.6%
Nose (aromas): cola, black currant, sweet tobacco, black tea
Flavor (palette): dark plum, tricolor peppercorn, coffee bean, star anise, cedar, fresh herb
Winemaker’s Notes: Cabernet Franc is probably my favorite Bordeaux varietal. Traditionally lighter in tannin and mouthfeel than Cabernet Sauvignon, it combines “raw Bordeaux” aromatics and flavors with firm acidity and freshness. Because of this combination, Cab Franc loves anything roasted such as chicken or duck. We have gone so far as to pair it with smoked fish tacos! If you can accompany your main ingredient with
something tomato based to balance acidity, even better. Don’t be afraid to add in herbs and spices to your cooking when pairing with this wine. Get creative!
Ageing Potential: Now-2030
Additional Info: According to most recent DNA profiling and historical studies, the origin of Cab Franc is supposedly within the Basque country of Spain. In 1996, UC Davis discovered that Cabernet Franc is actually the father to the now more popular Cabernet Sauvignon, with the mother plant being Sauvignon Blanc. Go figure!

Production Notes

  • Vineyards: 55% rock hollow, 45% curtis
  • Composition: 100% cabernet franc
  • Fermentation: small lots, cold soak, punch downs, pump overs, & gently pressed
  • Cooperage: 22 months in oak (50% new)
  • Production: 275 cases, unfined & unfiltered
  • Winemakers: Brooke, Mike, & Chase Carhartt

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Produced & Bottled by Carhartt Vineyard, Solvang, Ca


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