2018 Carhartt Venture Nat/E Boi Sparkling Rosé


Composition: 100% Grenache (native)

Nose (aromas): tangerine cream, white flower, fresh watermelon

Flavor (palate): lemon-lime zest, strawberry, melon, crisp acidity

Winemaker’s Notes: Enjoy this wine at really any occasion, from laying out by the pool, to impressing your friends during cocktail hour. From light appetizers to spicy Indian food, let this wines zingy acidity, subtle sweetness, and fresh flavor profile amaze you with almost any dish!   

Ageing Potential: Drink Now

Additional Info: This is a natural sparkling wine, made in the Méthode Ancestrale style, which means the wine is bottled, at the tail end of primary fermentation, under pressure. As opposed to traditional Champagne, this wines flavors and style is much more of primary freshness than the “aged” flavor profiles found in the traditional Méthode Champenoise style. Its “hazy” quality is totally natural! This wines has not been filtered or disgorged, so don’t be alarmed!

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Produced & Bottled by Carhartt Vineyard, Solvang, Ca


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